The activities of the Gasfin Group are particularly focused on the development of small and medium-sized UPP infrastructure that covers the entire production chain, from supply sources to end-users.

Adria polymers

The company Adria Polymers based in Omišalj was founded with the aim of developing an industrial park on the island of Krk.

Trans LNG

Trans LNG is a company specializing in the design and development of medium and small LPG (LNG) projects.


Trans Energy is a member of the Gasfin Group headquartered in Luxembourg. The Gasfin Group is active in the development of LPG projects and in the area of procurement and distribution of UPP since 2006. The group specializes in the preparation, arrangement and implementation of UPP supply projects, with a focus on achieving synergies between natural resource owners, operators and end users.

It is involved in a number of investment projects around the world, both onshore and on the sea, and together with all its subsidiaries, has over 600 employees worldwide. In the supply segment of UPP there is a wide range of activities provided, and some of them are transport, logistics, warehousing and distribution.

Within the complex geopolitical reality of linking gas supply to potential markets, the Gasfin Group builds its approach to strengthening its presence in strategic gas natural gas regions such as Southeastern Europe, Russia, former Soviet bloc countries, the Middle East and the Caribbean Islands.

The main mission of the Gasfin Group is to create new opportunities for natural gas producers, investors, operators and consumers, while promoting natural gas as an alternative to home heating, fuel and multipurpose power generation and other conventional hydrocarbons.

By combining proven technologies and sustainable business model, the Gasfin Group offers attractive opportunities for private and institutional investors and contributes to the creation of cleaner energy at a wide level.

Developing production infrastructure and distribution channels for natural gas is a major challenge or an indispensable course of global economy to ensure clean and sustainable fuel supply for vessels, heavy machinery, vehicles, aircrafts and turbines in the decades to come.

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Adria Polymers

Adria Polymers based in Omišalj was founded with the development of an industrial park on the island of Krk. It extends over 150 hectares of construction land to a location that has direct access to the sea and the mainland, and includes a good connection to the major transport routes within the Croatian and the region. At the location of Dine Petrokemija, the company today creates conditions for sustainable jobs, growth and investments.

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Trans LNG

Trans LNG d.o.o is founded to make its experience and resources actively involved in the decarbonization of transport and prevention for environmentally friendly fuels through the development of UPP project in Croatia.

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